Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fake Kingston USB 8Gb,16Gb,32Gb,etc Repair

I recently purchased a 64Gb kingston Usb for $28.00 canadian. Then I did a test to see if it was fake because of file errors will transfering files from computer to computer.

The test was H2Testw.exe witch failed showing a fake size of 43000Mb.

Later it flashed back to a 2Gb flash drive.(Kingston DataTraveler 200 64Gb) click on link, then click on button
(Clique par Biaxar) to download.

Do not worry you will hear a beep. Right Click on the yellow bar at the top and click on download file. It will be in a zip file.

Search for WinRAR to unzip it.

Now you can test your USB to see if it fails this test.

If it passes you are a happy costumer. If not then you have to reflash to the original
settings of the flash drive.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Dudeman!

    very nice information i´ve a question for you.
    FC MPtool.exe can´t detect any device, i´ve a lot of them,
    from different manufacters, but the program can´t read any device.
    I don´t know if is the device, in that case tell me which usb can i use. i want to modify VID and PID to use with another application.
    I think is the OS, but i also tried with different OS'