Thursday, February 18, 2010

Instruction How to ReFlash USB to Original

This is the Russian manual from the Russian website. It gives you a Quick look at how to setup the FC MPtool.exe that reflashes your USB back to default settings.

I will give a more detailed instructions after so do not worry about not getting it the first time.

ChipGenuis will show you your PID 7778 VID 0001 for your USB. My USB Kinsgston FC8308-1 is shown above.
You will need the PID and VID number for the settings in FC MPtool.exe program.

The FC MPtool is the flash tool to bring back your fake USB to be stable and work properly.

You will need all the files. The FC MPtool.exe will be extracted to a folder then click on only the FC MPtool.exe nothing else.

Now I will give step by step instructions on how to reflash that fake USB of yours before you through it in the garbage.

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