Thursday, February 18, 2010

Step by Step Instructions to Reflash to default.

You have to download and extract the FC Mptool.rar file, link is listed below.

Then you need to download and extract chipgenuis.rar file, link listed below.

The first step is to run the chipgenuis.exe to find the VID and PID numbers. Write these down. example VID 0001 PID 7778.

You do not need the serial or chip part number. If you find it is ok to keep.


If you have the USB plugged in, then you have to remove it from your computer.

Go to the folder where the FC MPtool.exe file is located.

Right click on the file and click on run as adminatrator.

If you see a window come up that says hub changed or something like that, your USB is still plugged into the computer DUH.

You will see the main program load up. If you look in the Usb Instructions.rar file you will see what that looks like.

(Note the UsbInstruction.rar is a xps file that Internet Explorer will view it.)

Step 2

Now you can plug in your Usb in your computer. You will see it displayed as a (308000: not specific) or something like that, relax it is OK.

Now click on the (setup) Button. It will ask for a password just leave blank and click (OK) and it will go past it.

Step 3

You will get a new window that shows up with the tabs (flash type), (mode), (Information), (bad block), (other).

Now you will start at flash type, you should see your chip listed automatically in the flash type box. Do not change it is your real chip set number. Mine was (MT29F32G08MAA).

Then set MP setup Optimize to (Capacity optimize) box.
Then set (Low level format) by clicking it.
Then set LLF to (Natural Check default).
Then set scan level to (Full scan 4) for a quick scan.
Then You are done do not touch any other setting.

Step 4

Go to the (mode) tab to set the settings.

Then set Mode to (pure disk).
Then set partition set (slide it to 0%).
Then set volume label to (kingston) but you can name it whatever you want it to be.It labels what it shows on your computer.
Then set disk sn (F19DB321) it also can be whatever you want it to be.
Then set led set to (ON) that sets the Usb light to come on when plugged into the computer.
That is it do not change anything else.

Step 5

Go to the (Inforamtion) tab to set the settings.

Then set the VID and PID numbers you got from the chipgenuis program. Mine where VID 001 and PID 7778.
Then set SCSI vender string (kingston) product string (datatraveler).
Then set USB vender string (kingston) product string (datatraveler).
Note It can be anything you want it to be. Usually you would put the name of your Usb.

Then set the SN set or serial number. Again you can use Random set or fixed and put (F19DB321) like I did with mine.

Step 6

Go to the (bad block) tab set the settings.

Then set bad block to (Auto check).
Then check the box (uninstall driver when close MP).
That is it.

Step 7

Go to the (other) tab to set the settings.

Then set compel specify flash to (default).
Then Hit the (OK) button on the button right hand corner you are done.

Step 7

You will go back to the main screen. You should see your Usb listed now with a long string of numbers and letters.

That is the fake flash they put on your Usb to make it say a larger size then it actually is.

Mine was (JS29F32G08AAMD1) to make it look like a 64Gb drive.

Now You Hit the (start) button.

It will erase and bad block twice in a row. Because they partitioned it into two drives.

Then it will bring it back to its original size. Mine USB went down to 2Gb. But now it is stable and useable.

When it says MP done successfully, then hit eject.

Then close the program. You should then unplug and replug your Usb. It will show the settings you put into it.

Now you have a new Usb. Enjoy.


  1. Dang - Win7 doesn't like this one: program FC MPtool.exe keeps popping up the Hub Changed message whenever the stick is plugged in

  2. Correction to my first post: it's not Win7 but the batch of sticks. Older (fake) stick reformatted to 2.98Gb, but current batch of sticks all generate the 'HUB Changed' message and cannot proceed any further. Suggestions?

  3. thx your tutorial really useful and works. again thx...

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